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GoldenDoodle Cute Fridge Magnets

GoldenDoodle Cute Fridge Magnets

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Accessory Construction: Alloy+ Magnet

  • Product Performance: Strong alloy magnet, you can fix the paper or notes on your fridge easily to remind you of daily schedules and keep everything in order. The Refrigerator Magnet is easy to take on or off without worrying about scratching any surface or leaving any residue or marks. The Refrigerator Magnet is a perfect combination of practicality and decorative function. It can be applied to metal or magnetic surfaces, such as refrigerators, whiteboards, microwave ovens, washing machines, lockers, iron office documents and other magnetic household items.


  • Washing Instructions: wipe it with windex and cloth.

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Size Diameter (cm/in) Thickness (cm/in)
One size 5/2 0.2/0.08
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