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Magnolia Round Ceramic Coaster Sets

Magnolia Round Ceramic Coaster Sets

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Product Description: Ceramic coaster and soft cork base. These are reliable ceramic material that will protect your furniture. The Ceramic Coaster featuring soft cork on the bottom to protect the furniture. Protect your table from accidental water stains and scratches while showing off your style, allowing you to enjoy your beverage.  The Ceramic Coaster is easy to clean with mild detergent. 

Washing Instructions: washing using non-chlorinated detergents and water temperature under 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not bleach. Wipe dry.

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Round Ceramic Coaster

Size Diameters (cm/in) Thickness (cm/in)
4PCS 9.8/3.9 0.7/0.3
6PCS 9.8/3.9 0.7/0.3
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