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Weimaraner Travel Mug (All-Over Printing)

Weimaraner Travel Mug (All-Over Printing)

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Product Details: Constructed with 304 stainless steel body and a silicone lid, the Car Travel Mug and features a leak-proof design. The Travel Mug with leak-proof lid prevents liquid from spilling out. The air vent on the mouth piece allows beverages to flow out smoothly without gushing or overflowing. Easy to use and carry. Open and lock the flip lid with a thumb in one second.

  • Washing Instructions: Wash before use. Wash with warm to hot water and non-chlorinated detergent. The lid can be washed by dish washers.

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Size Length (cm/in) Height (cm/in) Diameter (cm/in)
One size 17.7/7 2.3/0.9 8.8/3.5
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